Hello Haeun
Merry Christmas to you! YES! Christmas is here! Our first outreach starts this Sunday Evening. And Can you believe that a Buddhist man volunteers and lets us use his teashop to meet and he will bring his Buddhist friends of about 10-15 People! We are Excited to SHARE JESUS with them!

Please pray for us as Government isn’t allowing us to do events due to Covid-19 but we plan to do smaller gatherings. All of churches we have been blessed to plant both we are looking after and others are looing after happens in Christmas!! So we cannot pass this opportunity of sharing Jesus with unbelievers here. if we are reported we can face trials and be in prison for it. So please pray that no one report it and most importantly no one gets Covid-19 by coming to our event instead be healed !! 
Just wanted to share this photo which I have shared on Facebook private group! She is one of many who came forward to be prayed for to see if Jesus is really living then after many months she was water baptized because she has experienced the Living Jesus in her own life as she lives consciously of Him. We are looking forward those many like her in 2020 Christmas! Please pray for us!!

We have been able to bless many families who have been struggling to feed their families. Thank you for helping us to help so many families during this Pandemic! 

Our Main Campus in Insein Township has been a great blessing to our community now! Those who were very hostile when we first moved in last year have now become very good friends and not only that they have now respect us for how we care for them and give them help as they face difficulties in life 
“So thank you for HELPING us HELP and IMPACT our Communities for JESUS”
Merry Christmas
to you from Anna, Olivia, Bella, Nomi, and me. Thank you for your support and prayers. Without you guys lives would have been so hard! Thank you for blessing us and helping us be a blessing to others here.

Thank you Haeun, for reading it through! If you feel led to help us Reach out to many in this Christmas Season there is a button below where you can click and give. 

Thank you again!! 


Robin Kung